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How does grj.us.lt deal with members? privacy?
Please read our Privacy Policy for details, you can find this in the Terms of Use.

What does it cost to use or to be a member
WAP Chat is completely free! Once you are a member, you can login to your account and begin using.

Forgotten your password
If you've forgotten your password, you can have an email sent out to you with password reset details attached, by simply going to the forgotten password page and filling in the information needed.

Can I change my username?
Unfortunately, there is no way to change your username unless you are willing to create a brand new account. We cannot transfer account information, messages, or any other information to the new account.

Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can delete your account anytime by loggin and going to site settings.

Please note that since this site is only build by a single developer, I don't have time to write alot of FAQs.
If you have a question, suggestion, comment, or concern please contact us anytime.

We at WAP Chat look forward to hearing from you.

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